If you are familiar with Robin Hoods Bay then you will have no problem accessing Burton House at the Sea wall\King Street end of Chapel Street. Access is via car or foot and the house parking permit is valid for Bay Bank Top and Station car parks!

If you are unfamiliar with Robin Hoods Bay then please carefully read the following instructions especially if arriving in the dark or if you intend to take your car down into the lower village to unload or load. Burton House is located in the oldest part of the village and the following instructions really apply to Robin Hoods Bay in general. Driving down to the lower Bay requires consideration and patience together with an aptitude for hill starts and driving in confined spaces so please consider walking down to the lower village especially if you are able to carry your luggage in one trip. The distance to the house from the Bay Top car park opposite the Victoria Hotel is 350 meters and from the Station car park it is a further 300 meters. The Burton House parking permit is valid for both of these car parks.

Starting from the Bay Top car park opposite the Victoria Hotel, descend by foot or car down the steep road called Bay Bank to the lower village. Roads in Bay have limited turning spaces and will test your clutch and brakes if driving. Once you have navigated the snake bend by the Laurel pub you will pass Muir Lea Stores on the right. Directly after Muir Lea, you will notice the road (Now called New Road) crosses a small beck and just before the bridge there is a path to the left. This path is Chapel Street and Burton House is located 100 meters along at the far end.

If you are on foot you can walk along Chapel Street which starts with a small flight of shallow steps and then flattens out as you pass Berties clothing shop on the right and meanders onward to The Cove tearooms on the left. After a slight corner to the left followed by  a few more shallow steps you are presented with a view of the sea at the end Chapel Street. Burton House is the penultimate house on the left.

If you are driving, then when next to Muir Lea Stores you have a couple of options:

  1. On the other side of the bridge you will notice a passing place next to a high stone wall just after a turning to the right. For unloading or loading you can park here but remember to leave room for any passing vehicles. You can then proceed to transport your luggage on foot via Chapel Street as per instructions above.
  2. Alternatively, you can choose to carry on driving down New Road until you reach the dock but do not continue into the sea!!! On the left you will see a road (King Street) that ascends up a hill. Burton House is located at the top of King Street but please be aware that the road is a narrow cul-de-sac with no turning or passing spaces. If you drive up you will have to reverse down and vice versa! If the way is clear then proceed to drive up King Street to the very top. You will see Tea Toast and Post Café on the right and as the Street turns slightly to the right you will see Ye Dolphin pub on the left. Once at the top of King Street you should have a sea view to your right and to your left you will see a pedestrian path which is Chapel Street. Burton House is the second house on the right as you face Chapel Street.

Burton House is marked on the map below or alternatively view the house location using Google Maps

Location of Burton House with loading and unloading points

Location of Burton House with loading and unloading points

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